Lab Log #8

GUILTY AF! I have neglected this blog a bit, sorry! Here’s the catch up:

  • HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 is now long gone from the lab setup, with the recent electricity prices keeping this power hungry beast was an expensive and pointless idea.
  • same applies to HP Z420, which has been shut down and replaced with smaller but fitting hosts

Speaking of the new hosts, current VMware lab setup consists of the following nodes:

  • OptiPlex 7050 with i5-6600T CPU and 32GB of RAM
  • OptiPlex 3060 with i5-8500T CPU and 32GB of RAM

At first glance, not much of a fire power, but they use only 50 watts BOTH. Gen 8 was 90W alone.

About the WiFi now… I have moved and UAP-AC-Lite turned out to be not enough to cover entire apartment, I hate the idea but for the time being I switched to TP-Link Deco M4 with 2 nodes being connected with ethernet backhaul. More on that later.

Oldie APC UPC is fried, replaced with EATON 5P 850i. Unfortunately not a managed one, but fair enough.

DS220+ holds the line firmly, it’s a great unit really.

I have also added some Zigbee stuff, but I will elaborate on a separate post.

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