Fresh install HPE Gen8 ESXi 6.5 to 6.7 update

This post is not really up to date anymore since it does not reflect the fact that I am using 6.7 images now.

While moving my ESX install from internal USB to SD card I realized I’d use the all-in-one instructions for further use. Here’s the short summary.

  1. Install official 6.5 image from HPE
  2. Enable swap on any datastore (required for image update)
  3. Restart management services ( restart)
  4. Follow instructions to update to latest image
  5. Downgrade faulty scsi drivers to 5.5.0 (manual here)
  6. Reboot

Check driver used, if it’s vmw_ahci you need to disable it otherwise datastores will not be accessible. Following command will do: esxcli system module set –enabled=false –module=vmw_ahci

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