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pgAdmin4 + Authelia – OAUTH2

Recently I have deployed PostgreSQL database for paperless-ngx project I found useful to reduce paper at home. Since I like nice management GUIs a natural choice was to go for pgAdmin4 (in web, obviously). To add extra security layer to yet another publicly facing tool I decided to enable and configure Authelia OIDC. You’ll need […]

Lab Log #7

This log introduces a major change to entire environment. It’s been a while since I made a last update, here’s the catch up: HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 as lab host has been decommissioned from it’s former ESXi glory and became a primary file/VM storage host running TrueNAS ZFS filesystem. Synology DS216j has been replaced by […]

All Along the WATCHTOWER!

Run from docker-compose: version: “3.8”services:  watchtower:    image: containrrr/watchtower:latest    container_name: watchtower    environment:      – TZ=Europe/Warsaw      – WATCHTOWER_CLEANUP=true      – WATCHTOWER_INCLUDE_STOPPED=true      – WATCHTOWER_REVIVE_STOPPED=false      – WATCHTOWER_SCHEDULE=0 0 2 * * *      – WATCHTOWER_ROLLING_RESTART=true    volumes:      – /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock    restart: unless-stopped Refer to docs […]

HASS: Ingress session

My Home Assistant instance been giving me head ache with “No valid ingress session None” error on a few addons, two of which being quite important to me (AdGuard and File Editor). Solution was pretty simple, Firefox privacy/security did it. Disabling Enhanced Protection for HASS instance did the job. The switch is right by address […]

DSM 7.0 and the NFS…

On June 29th Synology finally released a new major version of their flagship NAS OS DiskStation Manager for all supported models. Fortunately enough, so I thought, my DS216j was on the list so why would I wait… Upgrade was smooth, took few minutes plus a reboot and boom, here’s my shiny one! Bad luck came […]

Lab Log #6

Breaking changes: Replaced MR33 with UAP-AC-Lite Replaced RB960PGS with Ubiquiti Security Gateway Detailed post on theses changes coming soon.

I need to find files > 2GB

Yeah, I sometimes do, here’s a simple code to do that. You can replace 2GB in Where-Object {$_.Length -gt 2GB} part to something else matching your need.

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